News, August 9, 2017

I'm extremely excited to announce that I have published my first book today!

My new book, The Book of Sequences, is a culmination of 4 years of continual study, application & hands-on teaching experience of Themes and Sequences. The book comprises many aspects of my own playing vocabulary, but is written so that any guitarist (and really any musician who plays any instrument) can use it.

I've ordered my first batch of books to bring along to the 4th Annual Guitar and Bass Expo on Saturday, August 19th, but you can order your copy now using the Buy Now link below.

If you're in the northeast US, be sure to catch my guitar clinic Sequences of Shred at the Guitar and Bass Expo!

Get a signed copy of the book here:


If you don't care about getting an autographed copy, you can order it here:

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The Book of Sequ ...

Jason Aaron Wood


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