News, December 23, 2015

Through no decision of my own, and much to my dismay, Jason Aaron Wood "Labyrinth of Dreams" and Ol Sonuf "Glass Idols" will be removed from all major distribution outlets in the near future. This includes iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

Apparently this is Reverbnation's way of thanking me for 3 years of giving them business, by automatically issuing "take down notices" for all albums released through them as a long-time paying customer. The moment my subscription ended, they set out to undo my work in misguided hopes of keeping me dependent upon continuously paying them for the duration of my career.

The good news is, these albums will continue to be available through my bandcamp page from now on along with all of my other releases.

Support artists directly, and avoid companies that work to undo musicians' hard work!

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