"The acoustic guitar work is some of the best out there..."

Absolute Zero Magazine

"This is intricate, epic, Melodic Death Metal at its best....Albums of the quality of "Glass Idols" show that one person with the right vision and application can compete at the highest level."

James Scott - Arcana Noctis

"...a manifold, great piece of art, consisting of fantastic and individual compositions..." "...a breathtaking emotional artistic experience..." 9/10

Metal Message (Germany)

Just check out Wood’s skillfully played leads and riffs on the hellish and depressive-sounding “The Legacy Of Rome” and you will know what I am talking about when it comes to the well written music here....The 41 minutes of music on here adding up to 13 tracks of total splendor kicks ass.

Sarjoo Devani - Explicitly Intense

"Pay close attention to the acoustic guitars on this album, they are some of the best I have heard in the last few years. If you appreciate talented musicians, especially skilled acoustic guitarists, this album will earn your respect and lots of play time on your stereo."

Mike Harwat - Blistering

"An intoxicating cocktail of styles and sounds adorned with layers of melancholy Celtic melody and madrigal-style metal riffery. Impressive!"

Metal Hammer UK