Jason Aaron Wood - Escape

  1. Doubt Jason Aaron Wood

Mastered by Evan Sarli at Not So Bad Studios.

Recorded using INTEX Cables (www.intexcables.com ) exclusively.

All vocals, guitar, bass, programming, music & lyrics written, performed, recorded and produced by Jason Aaron Wood.

Special thanks to my awesome wife and longtime bandmate Laurie Ann Haus for her invaluable advice in finding the theme for this album as well as for her unbelievable patience with me as I've obsessed constantly over these recordings. Thanks to Evan Sarli also for working so hard to master these tracks. Thanks to Jean-Marc du Mouchel at INTEX cables for creating the best cables I've ever used.

Release date:  
December 21, 2016

"This record is extremely unique. The rhythm guitars are layered thick and heavy with infinite dynamics going from clean to guttural heavy. And then the guitar solos which are soo melodic they seem to sing lyrics as well and they move in and out of the songs creating a wave like effect. The vocals go through all ranges as well from highs to lows. This album really takes you all over the place, but always brings you back home. Put on some headphones and lay back and escape with Jason's soundtrack of serenity! 

Album of the year material here!"

Zach Moonshine at Metal Devastation Radio

Misc Credit:  
All Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Drum Programming, Composition, Recording & Mixing