Jason Aaron Wood - Labyrinth of Dreams


In his new concept EP "Labyrinth of Dreams," guitarist Jason Aaron Wood (Todesbonden, Ol Sonuf) explores his Classic Metal/Hard Rock roots as he takes his guitar playing, singing, and songwriting skill to a new level, with thought-provoking lyrics telling the story from the perspective of someone lost in a never-ending dream world.

Drawing heavily from Jason's own dreams, each song embodies specific types of recurring themes, from long, inter-connected dreamscapes, to vanishing companions, to visits from the dead, to terrifying nightmares and sleep paralysis, to drastic & sudden changes of scenery and situations.

  1. Labyrinth of Dreams
  2. Memories of the Lost (instrumental)
  3. Astral Echoes
  4. Drifting (instrumental)
  5. The Giant Within

All music written, performed & produced by Jason Aaron Wood.

All instruments, vocals & drum programming by Jason Aaron Wood.

Artwork by Cihan Berk at 7 Ensigns.

Jason proudly uses & endorses INTEX Cables exclusively.

Release date:  
December 31, 2014
Misc Credit:  
All Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Drum Programming, Composition, Recording & Mixing