Ol Sonuf - Glass Idols


Written, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by Jason Aaron Wood. All guitars, bass, programming, and male vocals by Jason Aaron Wood.

Guest vocals on Angel of the Spheres & The Will to Survive by Laurie Ann Haus.

Mastered by Evan Sarli at Not So Bad Studios.

Artwork by Cihan Berk at 7 Ensigns.

Jason proudly uses & endorses INTEX Cables exclusively.

Release date:  
October 31, 2013

"Just check out Wood’s skillfully played leads and riffs on the hellish and depressive-sounding “The Legacy Of Rome” and you will know what I am talking about when it comes of the well written music here. The 41 minutes of music on here adding up to 13 tracks of total splendor kicks ass, and I see a lot of potential for Wood to take this project somewhere."

Sarjoo Devani
Explicitly Intense

"Albums of the quality of "Glass Idols" show that one person with the right vision and application can compete at the highest level. They don't need mega budgets, they don't need session musicians, and they certainly don't need dinosaurs like Gene Simmons to tell them that rock is dead. It's only just getting fucking started."

James Scott
Arcana Noctis

Misc Credit:  
All Guitars, Bass, Vocals*, Drum Programming, Composition, Recording & Mixing (Guest vocals by Laurie Ann Haus)