Session/Guest Guitar

Do you need professional-sounding electric or acoustic guitars for your album or soundtrack?

I can provide you with exactly what you're looking for. I will provide you with high-quality recordings of professional-level performances that compliment your music, and in the audio format of your choice.

Whether you're looking for high-caliber guitar solos or someone to write and/or record the guitars for your album, passionate acoustic guitar performances with an exotic flare, or even someone to write full cues for your film, when it comes to guitar work I can do whatever you need.

On a tight deadline? No problem!

Email me at and tell me what you need and how soon. I can accommodate most schedules & work well under tight deadlines.

Each project is unique, and I cater my playing to each piece of music. Tell me more about what you're looking for!

Session Guitar Details:

  • Rates: $150 per song (base rate, half paid in advance to begin; the final half due upon approval of final version of solo, prior to file delivery)
    • Includes:
      • Recording of pre-written parts
        (Recording in my own home studio, sending the files to you remotely)
      • Solos at the times you indicate in the song
      • Up to 2 revisions (addt'l revisions $50 each)
      • High-quality WAV and/or AIFF files of all guitar parts
        • Dry (DI) tracks
        • Wet (effected) tracks
        • Clearly labeled
        • Will align perfectly to your session
          (see section to the right ---> )
    • Extra Cost Options:
      • Writing/Composition of parts: $150/song
      • Custom detailed Tablature of all guitar parts: $50/song
      • Additional Revisions: $50 each

What I Need From You:

  • MP3(s) of all songs you want me to play on
    • Accompanying click track (if available)
    • MP3 MUST be mixed down from the very beginning of the original recording session for each song (not a random spot in the song) so the tracks I send you back will align perfectly when you import them into your session.
    • A tempo track, if using Cubase or Nuendo; otherwise I need you to tell me the exact tempo.
  • A clear idea of the style you want ("in the style of ___"), with at least 3 examples of similar playing styles in other songs
  • Half of base payment in advance ($150 USD per song) to begin work