What human hands have made, They can destroy!
No Idol is sacred Any more than a children's toy
And the god which it represents
Who for all his might, can't seem to make sense
With all this talk of "mysterious ways"
Somehow he always needs to be praised!

Suffering isn't a virtue
You're just caught in this masochistic game
Where up is down, and left is right,
And the winner is the one who puts himself
Through the most amount of pain...

If you would just read the whole goddamn book
And keep an objective mind
You won't believe all the contradictions
That the priests don't want you to find
They've got a protection racket
On the safety of your soul...
Here come the collection baskets
'Cause for favor above you've got to pay the toll...

Oh God in Heaven, Will you save us from yourself?

Written & performed by Jason Aaron Wood.
All rights reserved
Release date:  
October 31, 2015