"Sycophant" — a brand new technical death metal track by Jason Aaron Wood (Ol Sonuf, Todesbonden).

The first release since his 2017 album “Emanations,” which featured 8-string guitars exclusively, this song, in contrast, is written entirely on a 6-string, specifically for the challenge of making my heaviest recording yet on a 6-string that’s not severely down-tuned. (The tuning is E-flat standard.)


Like a moth drawn to the light
You just cannot resist
You’ve got to be seen, no matter what
You desperate narcissist

When you just can’t hack it on your merit alone...
You can always catch a ride on the back of someone else as if it’s all your own

Climb, climb, climb!
It’s elbow rubbing time...
Just climb up on the coattails of your betters and take them for a ride
You’re quite the legend within your own mind

Another alliance kicked to the curb
As you chase the illusion
Just one more bridge in smoldering embers
In the haste of delusion

Climb, climb, climb!
Is it name-dropping time...again?
Once again you hop on those coattails and take them for a ride
You’re quite the legend within your own mind

Yet, something seems amiss...
Which ass did you forget to kiss?
Could that be it, you fucking sycophant?

...Like it’s some
Magic spell that no one can see through?
But no one’s buying your bullshit
While you’re the only one who seems to
The irony of it’s almost
Tragic... you’re like a cancer that brags about its famous host as you metastasize
And cling in abject desperation onto the very THING YOU CANNOT BE
How many “friends” so far have you later gone and stabbed in the back?
And with such destruction in your wake, how do you even keep track
Of all those bridges that you’ve burned?
Posturing, thirsting for a status beyond what you have actually earned...

As you try to walk the tightrope
Between your station and the lie
Your illusion starts to crumble
As you reach the end of what your empty words can buy

Hard times with reality
Setting in, we can clearly see
Toady... hanger-on...
There’s nothing that you wouldn’t do
To bask in another’s light
Such cloying flattery
Such a nauseating sight
How can you even stand yourself?

Yet still you’re falling over yourself
As you dig your own grave
Fawning still at the feet of your betters
For the attention you crave

‘Cause you still can’t hack it and your word’s not worth a goddamn thing
And deep down inside you know you’re nothing but another fucking clown amongst kings

Climb, Climb, Climb!
It’s desperation time...
It’s not what you can DO, but WHO they think you KNOW
And the sycophant that you are finally begins to show
...Just one more sycophant...

Written, performed, recorded, produced & mastered by Jason Aaron Wood during the COVID-19 lockdown, April/May 2020. Artwork concept & design by Laurie Ann Haus & Jason Aaron Wood.
All rights reserved
Release date:  
May 17, 2020