Video Effects (VFX) & Graphics Services

Need Custom Video and/or Graphics?

Reusable Assets (animated logos, titles, emblems, etc) are an enormous time-saver that can be added to any video. They're rendered on transparent background so they can easily by overlaid on any existing footage. 

Similarly, a Video Intro Sequence is a must-have for any video series to add a sense of continuity and consistency, and is essential for your brand, whether you're building your YouTube channel or creating an online video course.

For music promotion, if you want to stand out, you've got to have at least something a little different. Album Cover Visualizations that pulse in sync with your music (with added cinematic/animated accents, like the one below that I created for Empyrean Fire) are a great way to do this and keep listeners interested. Or, a Lyric Video with Kinetic Typography will take your listeners on an adventure through not only your music but the message within it, entirely customized to fit your band's aesthetic for maximum appeal.

Or if you want to take it all the way and really show the world you're serious, a full Music Video is the way to go.

Need video? I've got you covered, and at competitive rates — it only helps if you can actually afford it. Get in touch with what you're looking for at